Welcome to my baby-blog.  My daddy made it for me so all my friends and family can be able to keep in touch with me.

A very Busy Baby,...

My first 4 months of life

Hi everyone, my blog has been abandoned for a while. It wasn't due to a lack of content, but cause' Daddy is Lazy.  He and Mom claim, I'm the one that keeps them very, very busy.  But we know it is not true,.... come on !, ...  I'm low maintenance. 
I've done many things in my short four months, such as: Getting my double nationality, going to Chapultepec Park, going to a bunch of street markets, taking walks in my (Hummer-like) stroller around the neighborhood, and eating my very delicious prunes.   I have discovered a world full of things to put in my mouth.   My favorite are my hands (left:chocolate with dirt , right:vanilla with dirt).  
Any ways, check out how much I've grown. I have to go for now.

What do you think about it ?
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