Welcome to my baby-blog.  My daddy made it for me so all my friends and family can be able to keep in touch with me.

Libby + Saul = Maya

This is how my short history begins:

Mom and Dad met each other in California while working in a Restaurant.  They felt in love and got together.  My daddy was asked to leave the country and Mommy decided to go with him to Mexico.  They prepared every single detail to leave and went to dinner to celebrate the big change in their life. After a delicious dinner and an excellent wine,.... Bang !  Maya was conceived. 
They traveled to Mexico a few days later, not knowing that I was coming with them.  A few weeks later in Mexico, they found out about me.
What do you think about it?
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  1. felisidades for your baby and thanks for sharing with friend your happiness. Feliz navidad and a happy new year.