Welcome to my baby-blog.  My daddy made it for me so all my friends and family can be able to keep in touch with me.

Stop poking me, ... I'm trying to sleep

Maya's First Ultrasound:

Once my parents discovered I was living inside my Mom's Belly, they didn't left me alone.  They were constantly talking to me, poking me, taking me to Doctors and Hospitals,.... I just wanted to rest a little.  The worst was that whole ultrasound thing, it hurts.  Daddy always used to say: " Ohh, look, she moves a lot.  I think she will be a dancer" I found that soo anoying. Anybody could move that much if they are being poked like that.  Anyways, after those ultrasounds, they found out my gender and gave me a name.  Everybody went crazy buying things for me, that was the best part of it.
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